Is employee performance and morale low?
Is your company’s bottom line at risk?
Do your managers lack confidence or skills?

On-site peer learning for your managers can help.

How Can I Learn More?


Join us monthly for one of our free webinars. These reoccurring events happen every week on the second Wednesday at 1pm (Central). Register now for your invitation to “Major Management Development Problems Organizations Face – and How to Avoid Them Using Peer Learning Groups”

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The Peer Learning Institute PRESENTS “The Power of Peer Learning” Why Peer Learning is the Future of Management Development

The Power of Peer Learning will allow you to get a taste of peer learning and discover its power for developing managers in your organization.

About the Peer Learning Institute©

What does The Peer Learning Institute Model© look like?

What do your managers get?

Just-in-time practical management techniques that they can use immediately.
Just what they need: proven management techniques
Just what is a good fit: techniques relevant to your organization
Just when they need it: when they are faced with a management challenge
Just what is practical: techniques they can apply immediately
Just where they need it: at your worksite, so it eliminates the time and cost of travel
Just how they need it: in two 90-minute sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart

What does your organization gain?

A collaborative management team that responds in an effective and consistent fashion to management challenges.

  • Consistent managerial responses to similar situations
  • Assurance of effective management practices
  • Viable organization-appropriate options for handling management challenges
  • Positive manager/employee engagement
  • Collaboration experience
  • Group and meeting facilitation skills
  • Stronger management relationships
  • Enhanced peer to peer and manager to employee communication
  • Preserved organizational history and culture
  • Responsive change management

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